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From Material Evaluation (Specific Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution) to Gas and Vapor Separation Performance Evaluation!

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A new lineup of high-temperature vapor adsorption measurement and high-pressure gas adsorption measurement specifications are added to BELSORP-max II, enabling not only material characterization but also gas and vapor adsorption measurements at high temperatures and high pressures.

High Accuracy Gas / Vapor Adsorption Amount Measurement

Instrument: BELSORP® MAXII
- Measurement range: (4 sample measurement in maximum)
Specific surface area = 0.01 m2/g or more (N2), 0.0005 m2/g or more (Kr) 
Pore size distribution = 0.35 to 500 nm (diameter)
- Significantly reduced measurement time (GDO).
- Enables high-precision measurement with low sample volume (AFSM™).

High Temperature Vapor Adsorption Amount Measurement 

- The functions of BELSORP MAXII enable evaluation of gas and vapor (water vapors and VOC) adsorption up to an adsorption temperature of 70°C (depending on the adsorbate).
Applications: cement, concrete, building materials, desiccant air-conditioning, low-temperature exhaust heat utilization, batteries, etc

High Pressure Gas Adsorption Amount Measurement, release spring 2020

- The functions of BELSORP MAXII enable the adsorption measurement of high pressure gas (up to a maximum of 900 kPa) up to an adsorption temperature of 70°C.

Surface Area & Pore Size Distribution Analyzer BELSORP max II
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