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A manufacturer of analytical equipment, supplies, reagents and matrix reference materials for inorganic, analytical labs and the environmental market.  Products include:  microwave digestion systems; DigiPREP® graphite block digestion systems (for metals and TKN); EasyPREP® environmental analyzers (for BOD , COD, and soil), chemistry analyzer (for alkalinity , pH, conductivity, ORP, chloride & fluoride, and turbidity), and liquid sample handler (for ICP/ICP-MS sample preparation); ICP/ICP-MS supplies (i.e. nebulizers, spray chambers, torches, peristaltic pump tubing and quality control standards); CONOSTAN®-Oil based standards (i.e. metallo-organic, sulfur-in-oil, TAN/TBN, and viscosity); and XRF supplies (i.e. presses, fusion fluxes, sample cups and thin-films).

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