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09.–12. April 2024 | Messe München
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Fluid Management Systems, Inc.

Fluid Management Systems, Inc.
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Automated Extraction, Cleanup and Concentration prior to Analysis


Automated & Semi-Automated Extraction Sample Cleanup, + Concentration for Analysis of Dioxins, PCBs, Pesticides, PAHs, PFAS/PFOS

EzPrep+: New, Simple, Quick & High Throughput Sample Cleanup for Dioxins, PCBs, PBDEs

TotalPrep: All in one Extraction+Cleanup+Concentration for Dioxins, PCBs, PBDEs

EconoPrep: Clean-up, Dioxins, PCBs, PBDEs

PLE: Pressurized Liquid Extraction for Solid & Semi-Solid samples

TurboTracePFC-SPE: Extraction of PFAS/PFOS Drinking & Wastewater

SuperVap: Evaporation/Concentration Direct to GC Vial 1-250ml

New Semi Automated Extraction & Cleanup, Simple, Quick, Low-Cost process 1-12 samples in parallel:

EZSPE: Extraction of Pesticides, Dioxins, PCBs, PAHs for Drinking/Wastewater Analysis

EZPFC: Drinking/Wastewater Extraction of PFAS/PFOS Analysis, 6~12 samples in parallel




Fluid Management Systems, Inc.
Technology Park Drive 900, Billerica, MA 01821, USA