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April 09–12, 2024 | Messe München
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Next Generation & Customizable Reagents/Devices To Make Time & Budget Efficient

Company profile

Bio-Helix has been focusing on providing the best bio-reagents for life science researchers all over the world since 2007. Our products include but are not limited to Molecular Biology and Protein Research Tools and Diagnostic Kits. Working together with scientists in the lab around the world and continuing efforts of quality improvement, we have gained trust and appraise from customers in over 40 countries.


>Prestained Protein Ladder Library


>OneStep Blocking and Signal Enhancer

>ECL Substrate in Powder Form


>Nucleic Acid Extraction System

>RT Enzyme & cDNA Synthesis Kit

>HS Apta+ HotStart Taq

>PCR Supermix, qPCR Mastermix and RT-qPCR Kit

>Nucleic Acid Preloading Fluorescent Stain



>Chemi Detector

>Gradient PAGE Maker