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April 09–12, 2024 | Messe München
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Testing lab: suspensions, emulsions, adhesives; reference particle producer

Company profile

Dr. Lerche KG is a testing laboratory founded in Berlin in 2003.

Accreditation and certification
- DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
- DIN EN ISO 15195

Analytical services
- Multi-dimensional characterisation of particles and droplets (size, concentration, density, agglomeration, flocculation)
- Real-time and accelerated stability quantification of slurries, suspensions and emulsions
- Tensile and shear strength testing of adhesive bonds and composite materials (e.g. electrodes)

- Determination of reference and calibration values according to RiliBÄK for "small blood counts"

Production and distribution
- NEW! Submicron particles – as number-based concentration standard
- Monomodal silica microparticles with certificate
- Monomodal PMMA microparticles with certificate

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