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New modular system: Lab-Shaker LS-Z and incubator Kuhner Kelvin+

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Lab-Shaker LS-Z and incubator Kuhner Kelvin+ are part of a new modular system. They combine high quality with maximum flexibility. The LS-Z comes with three functional options: benchtop only/stand-alone, combinable with incubators from other manufacturers, or combinable with the new Kuhner Kelvin+ incubator with precise temperature control and consistent temperature distribution. To take up as little work space as possible, the LS-Z and Kuhner Kelvin+ both have a very small footprint and can thus either be placed under any standard table or lab bench or be used as a benchtop device.
The compact sized Kuhner Kelvin+ has a clean design: interior made of stainless steel, space saving door mechanism and a flat front with a big window providing a good overview of the cultivation vessels even with closed door. For non-shaken experiments, a shelf can be placed above the shaking table. LS-Z and Kuhner Kelvin+ are combinable with Kuhner AerationCaps, GasDivider and FlowCon to provide a humidity and CO2 controlled environment, which is perfectly suitable for cell culture fermentations or long-time fermentations in general (to reduce evaporation).

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Ms. Tuyet Tran Ly

T +41 (0)61 319 93 89

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