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From 1998 on, LCTech GmbH has been developing and distributing unique robotic systems and products for the automated clean-up and analysis of food, feed, forensic, toxicological and environmental samples.
The product range includes semi and fully automated sample preparation systems as well as consumables utilised in the analysis of contaminants and residues with excellent performance. LCTech sets gold standards here. Recent highlights are clean-up systems for PFAS analysis, QuEChERS for fatty matrices and full automation in dioxin and PCB analysis.
Based in Obertaufkirchen, Germany, LCTech is represented worldwide through a well-developed distributor network and acts as the exclusive distributor for PICKERING Laboratories in Europe, Africa, Middle East and CIS.

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Daimlerstr. 4
84419 Obertaufkirchen
Tel.  +49 8082 2717-0

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