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We proudly offer the innovative equipment, based upon protected “green”
technology of cryogenic temperatures obtaining down to -203°C, LN2-free:

Cryo Module -203 °C
The unique Cryo Module system is a compact, efficient device for the
cryostatting of objects with masses up to 1000g.

Cryo Temperature Chest -185 °C
Portable, reliable and effective freezer with a working temperature of
-185 °C and 5L capacity. The cooling system is based on a single-cascade compressor, grid powered by 230V.

Cryo Temperature Chests -150 °C
Cryogenic Chest Freezers are the best option to replace standard
LN2-based cooling systems. Available to be grid powered by 230V or 380V.

Ultra-Low Temperature Chests -86 °C
Compact, “green”, energy-efficient freezers with 15, 28, 80, 205L capacity.

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