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JSB has been active in the European market since 2002. We are a full knowledge partner in regards of chromatography and mass spectrometry solutions.  We base our solutions on the Agilent technologies Inc. platform and have been a Value Added Reseller for Agilent for many years. We consider it our task to offer added value when it comes to supplying instrumentation. We will create a specific solution for the customers challenge. We specialize in the following areas:
- Gas analysis GC systems with valve boxes in co-operation with Wasson ECE.
- GC IR for designer drugs applications
- GCXGC with detectors ranging from FID to QTOF.
- Automated sample preparation robotics.

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Apolloweg 2B
8239 DA Lelystad
Tel.  +31 320 8700-18
Mobil  +49 2842 9280799

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