Jiangsu JimBio Technology Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Jimbio Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014. It is a highly RD company focusing on the commercialization of Microfluidic technology. Jimbio develops a series of cutting-edge products covering the cell counting, viability detection, fluorescent cytometry, particle counting applications. All these products rely on the advanced 10-micro microfluidic chip mass production procedure owned by the company. Jimbio is designated to be the leading role in microfludic-cell biology field.

So far, three product lines has entered the research labs, pharmacy industries and hospitals. They can detect as tiny as 0.5 micron particles, combine both Counter and sub 5 micron high quality image detection on a microfludic chip, support as many as 24 samples loaded at one time.

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