FALC Instruments s.r.l.

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FALC INSTRUMENTS has over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of articles for chemical, pharmaceutical and hospital laboratories.

The constant commitment in research and innovation allows offering lab technicians a range of innovative products able to satisfy every kind of request.

We have built a strong  customer base, resulting in a long and prestigious list of successfully completed projects.

This feature makes FALC INSTRUMENTS an Italian leader with a commercial area and distribution network in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North Africa as well.

Today in our head office, a surface of 5.000 m2, we have created new places and renewed equipment for the development and the quality control of every single piece. A modern space for a vanguard company certified ISO 9001-2015

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Via Monzio Compagnoni 2
24047 Treviglio
Tel.  +39 0363 304660

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