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F-DGSi is one of the leading European Gas Generator Manufacturers in the market offering a comprehensive range of Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air generators in Benchtop and Rack design to meet all your gas requirements for any application in your lab. F-DGS gas generators offer comfort, reliability, economy and safety

We are pleased to introduce SMART solutions with “GenSecure” Technology, Modularity, Versatility, Advanced technology and Remote control capability.

All our laboratory gas generators offer superb technical performance and end user benefits in the lab, and of course our world- class service and support come as Standard.

Be eco-friendly!! Don’t buy your gas, make it!

Visit us on Booth N°433A HALL A2 to discuss your gas management and requirements.

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8-10 rue du Bois Sauvage Bat Q18
91055 Evry
Tel.  +33 1 64982100

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