Elemental Microanalysis Ltd.

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A leading independent manufacturer of Elemental Analysis consumables based in the UK for over 40 years (with a worldwide reputation) we specialise in producing high quality consumable products for Elemental Analysers at a great value price.

Our purpose-built facility in Devon UK is fully accredited to ISO9001, our laboratory service to ISO17025 & our reference material certification to ISO17034.  We offer tin and silver capsules, specialist reagents, quartz & glassware, ceramic & graphite crucibles, everything you need for the daily operation of your analyser.

We supply thousands of products covering organic & inorganic elemental analysis for all  instruments & models Leco® Thermo® Perkin Elmer®  Sercon® Exeter®  Eltra® Horiba® Elementar® Costech® Analytic Jena® Dionex® and more.

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