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EDT directION  are a British Manufacturer of pH, Conductivity and Ion meters including sensors. 
The new Series 4 Portable Meters are being launched at Analytica with "Top -End" performance and specifications at a very competitive price. There are 5 meters in the range: pH, Conductivity/TDS, pH/Cond Combined, ISE/DO and Salt Concentration.
We are established world leaders in solid state ISE technology including Combination ISE's and have been manufacturing electrochemistry products for 50 years.
Our products are robust and reliable with an extremely low cost of ownership and are complimented by an extensive range of UK made Electrodes and Consumables.
We offer full technical support from our Dover Laboratory and at www.edt.co.uk
We accept on line orders worldwide with Ex-Stock delivery.

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Unit 5 Waldershare Park Estate.
Dover CT15 5DQ
Tel.  +44 1304 600960
Mobil  +44 7798 784833

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