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BioMérieux is specialized in Microbiology testing solutions in 2 major industries

Food Safety & Animal Health
We develop adaptable and high-quality pathogen detection solutions that maintain the quality and safety of food and animal products.

Pharma & Healthcare
Our mission is to provide pharma and healthcare industries with rapid and cost-effective solutions in order to ensure patient safety.

Founded in 1963 by industry experts in diagnostics solutions, BioMérieux is a multi-generation solution provider of microbiological testing systems. As a global pioneer with an unrelenting spirit to improve upon public health and safety, our mission is to provide the food and pharmaceutical industries with innovative, precise technologies that help you manufacture safe products and improve your bottom line and productivity levels. We develop solutions that cater to each client’s requirements and enable you to maintain brand reputation through consistent product quality and safety.

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Weberstraße 8
72622 Nürtingen
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