Fluid Management Systems, Inc.

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FMS is exhibiting Automated and  Simple & Quick Semi-Automated  Total Solution Sample Preparation systems  for Extractions, Sample Cleanup, Evaporation. The applications include Analysis of Dioxins, PCBs,  PFCs, Pesticides and PAHs in Food, Feed, Environmental and Water Samples.


EconoPrep-Simple & fast Dioxins, PCBs, PBDEs Sample Clean-up 1 to 8 Samples in Parallel

PLE-Pressurized Liquid Extraction 1 to 8 samples in parallel less than 30 min

SuperVap-Automated Evaporation & Concentration 250ml, 50ml, and1ml concentration tubes

Semi Automated:

EZSPE-Simple Quick and Low Cost Water & Waste Water 6 ~ 12  Samples Parallel 

EZprep 123-Simple Quick and Low Cost Dioxins PCBs PBDE 6 Samples Parallel in 30~45 min

EZPFC-Water & Waste Water PFAS/PFOS/PFOA Analysis 12 samples in parallel  

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