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A leader in the field of Laboratory Reagents, Fine Chemicals, Custom Synthesis and R&D services. Established in 1975 we are exporting to over 100 countries with network of 400 partner. Loba is also a preferred supplier for many of the TOP Players in Europe for OEM(Private Label) and BULK supplies of Reagents. Currently with over 20 OEM Brands and 50+ customer for Bulk. Loba can provide you with GHS requirements,  International UN Packing, Fast and reliable shipping, high quality products, technical support, customer specifications with cost savings. Range of Products - Reagents ACS/GR/AR, Fine Chemicals, HPLC Solvents, Salts, Stains and Dyes, Indicators, Buffers, Dry Solvents, CVS, Ion Pairing, Essential Oils, Perchloric  Acids, Bromine,  AAS and ICP Standards, BP/USP/Ph. Eur and more.

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