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Chemishield - A chemical waste management software system to make your labs, safer, greener & compliant

The mobile SaaS solution protects personnel by:
• Linking substances including mixtures with the relevant waste stream, digitizing spreadsheets and waste manuals
• Prevents the incompatible mixing of chemical waste streams, the system ensures incompatible chemicals are not placed within incorrect waste bottles or containers
• Lets users know if they have scanned the wrong waste bottle with the messaging system
• Labelling all waste, identifying relevant GHS pictograms, contents and quantities, waste stream and waste generation location

Chemishield ensures companies are green by:
• Replacing logbooks for tracking waste with full reporting analytics and audit trail functionality
• Increasing likelihood of non-contaminated waste streams that otherwise lead to unnecessary and expensive waste processing, along with significant cost impact on the bottom line
• Identifying wastage, promoting leaner and efficient facilities

And finally, how will Chemishield make companies compliant?

• Our labelling adheres to all international standards, designed to not only comply with regulations but also protect you by clearly outlining the contents of waste bottles, down to their CAS number

• The ability to track all major actions in Chemishield, showing full 'cradle to grave' traceability means that global waste framework directives are complied with.

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