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We, BioChromato provide researchers with innovative technologies to make life easier.

The Smart Evaporator enables efficient evaporation of high boiling point solvents including DMSO, DMF, and Water. The patented technology ensures no risk of bumping or splashing. The vials used for HPLC, LC or GC can be set to the evaporation directly.

RAPID Slit Seal is a resistant, instant self-closing 96-well plate seal. The adhesive-free, pre-cut slits made of silicone and PET allows easy insertion and withdrawal of pipette tips and needles smooth.

RAPID EPS punctures easily to prevent needle clogging or damage. No adhesive residues are left on the plate or injector needle. It is made of polyolefin and is highly resistant to organic solvents. Suitable for the use with HPLC and LC/MS.

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