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Ziath Ltd specialises in instrumentation control and information management for academic and pharmaceutical/biotech industry sectors, specialising in the application of laboratory automation. We focus on managing large sample libraries in compound management, forensics and biobanking using 2D data matrix bar-coded tubes.

Ziath Ltd is world leader in 2D-barcoded tube and rack scanners, with a larger range of scanners, both CMOS-camera based and traditional flat-bed types, than any other manufacturer. We design, build and maintain all our own scanners and picking devices in our Cambridge UK facility. We support our customers with free applications advice, after-sales support and upgrades to their scanners as well as a comprehensive five-year parts and three-year labour warranty.

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Unit 2A Solopark Trading Estate
Pampisford CB22 3HB
Great Britain
P  +44 1223 855021

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