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YMC, a leading global supplier of high performance products for liquid chromatography, offers a wide range of innovative chromatography solutions, including UHPLC/HPLC columns (especially the YMC-Triart range), dedicated BioLC columns (for SEC, IEX, RP and HIC), chiral columns (immobilised or coated CHIRAL ART), bulk media for preparative processes, glass columns (ECO/ECOPLUS) for MPLC and pilot columns (YMC PilotPLUS). YMC also provides an on-demand service for application support, screening, analytical or preparative method development and training.

YMC products are used in R&D, process development, manufacturing and quality control. YMC’s extensive distribution network has headquarters in Kyoto/Japan and sites worldwide to guarantee availability of YMC solutions throughout the world.

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Schöttmannshof 19
46539 Dinslaken
P  +49 2064 427-0

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