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TPP Techno Plastic Products AG

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TPP Techno Plastic Products AG is a known manufacturer of premium disposable products for tissue culture and general laboratory use made in Switzerland! The famous TPP yellow is a well-established brand worldwide.

Among many others, we invented serrated gripping ring of the tissue culture dishes, square form for vacuum filtration, pivotal scraper head, collapsible rack for tubes and the famous TubeSpin® bioreactor. T

Not only must the product be of best quality, but also our services to support you in your daily work. For both, product and service, a worldwide net of local TPP dealers are committed to fulfill your demands and requests fully. 100 % customer satisfaction is our goal! We thank you for your trust and loyalty.

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Zollstr. 7
8219 Trasadingen
P  +41 52 68701-87

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