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Since 1984 Sykam GmbH is an established German manufacturer of HPLC, IC and Amino Acid Analyzer instruments.

At our facility in south of Germany, close to Munich, we develop and manufactures liquid chromatography modules/systems and components.

Our product palette range from high quality HPLC pumps, preparative pumps + systems, fraction collector, several types of detectors and sample injector systems to sophisticated equipment like our Ion Chromatography System S150 or dedicated Amino Acid Analyzer.

Beside our own product line, we also supply OEM products, developed and manufactured after our customer's need.

Sykam GmbH is certified by ISO 9001:2015 + EN ISO 13485:2016!

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Gewerbering 15
86922 Eresing
P  +49 8193 9382-0

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