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Norhof manufactures LN2 microdosing systems. Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) is used as the cooling medium and is taken from a storage vessel (Dewar) with low pressure (max. 300mBar) and delivered (pumped) through a fill line to the application in a micro dosing way.
The Norhof LN2 microdosing system is designed to overcome the drawbacks of LN2 under pressure. You may compare the Norhof system with a water tap, but instead of giving water, it gently gives liquid nitrogen, with an adjustable flow, possible to regulate from some drops, up to 1 Liter/minute. Most typical applications are automatic LN2 filling of FTIR spectroscopes, DSC's, cryo microscopes and cold traps.

The latest development is a system for the automatic filling of Liquid Argon, with the same control possibilities as the LN2 systems.

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