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HILICON AB is a leading company in developing and manufacturing hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) products for the separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds. Four column chemistries in UHPLC and HPLC formats, iHILIC®-Fusion, iHILIC®-Fusion(+), iHILIC®-Fusion(P), and iHILIC®-(P) Classic, provide customized and complementary selectivity, excellent durability, and ultra-low column bleeding. The columns are versatile for the LC–MS analysis of polar compounds in “Omics” research, food and beverage analysis, pharmaceutical discovery, environmental studies, and clinical diagnostics. In addition, HILICON also offers iSPE®-HILIC cartridges and 96-well plates for HILIC sample preparation in solid phase extraction.

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