Guangzhou Four E's Scientific Co., Ltd.

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Four E’s Scientific is a company focused on providing high-quality laboratory instruments and lab supplies. Backed by a skilled workforce including an excellent R&D center, FOUR E's deliver superior quality products at competitive price. The company also has a strong track record of providing OEM/ODM service to major customers worldwide.

Guided by the Core Values of Innovation, Quality Focus, Integrity and driven by a Strong Customer-centric work culture, the company strive to be the best in the Industry.

The Company's product categories include but are not limited to Centrifuges, Vortex Mixers, Magnetic (Hotplate) Stirrers, Pipettes & other Liquid Handling Products, Shakers, Dry Bath Incubators, Water Baths, Tissue Cassette Storage Cabinets, Slide Storage Cabinets and Consumables, etc.

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