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2mag Magnetic Stirrers - maintenance- and wearfree

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2mag – Innovative Magnetic Stirrers

2mag – more than 35 years competence in development, production, worldwide sales of magnetic stirrers, Made in Germany

Inductive Single- and Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrers, NO Motors

100% maintenance-/wear-free, IP 68, submersible, 1ml-10l, up to 96 positions, up to 200°C, stainless steel, 100-2000 rpm

Magnetic Stirrers - up to 1,000 Litres

ideal in quality departments, pilot plant stations, fermenters, bioreactors

Magnetic Stirring Systems for Cell-/Tissue Cultures

5-250 rpm, 100% germ-proof, no own-generated heating effect, for CO₂ incubators

Stirring Blocks - Reaction Blocks

stirring, heating, cooling

ATEX certified Stirrers

for explosion protective areas

Steam Resistant Stirrers

for autoclaves, steam, pressure, vacuum

Customized Stirrers

on request

Product innovations

2mag Catalogue: Wear-free Magnetic Stirrers, Stirrers for Cell Culture, Laboratory Stirrers
2mag Magnetic Stirrers Catalogue

2mag Catalogue: Wear-free Magnetic Stirrers, Stirrers for Cell Culture, Laboratory Stirrers

The new catalogue is filled to capacity with all technical data and application examples for the established magnetic stirrers as well as the numerous new products

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Schragenhofstr. 35
80992 München
P  +49 89 3815311-0

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