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April 09–12, 2024 | Messe München
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The art of making sample preparation easier

Company profile

Affinisep develops and manufactures sample preparation kits to solve analytical chemists’ challenges.

Affinisep has developed BioSPE™ range for proteomics for peptide desalting, peptide fractionation, magnetic beads removal, intact protein purification and glycopeptide enrichment.  All the products of the BioSPE™ range are available as SPE Tips, Spin columns and 96 plates for microelution.

For Food analysis, Affinisep has developed AFFINIMIP® range, based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for selective extractions such as PFAS, PAHs, Aminoglycosides, Beta-agonists, Picolinic herbicides, Glyphosate, Bisphenol A, Mycotoxins …

For Environmental monitoring, our broad range of passive samplers, including POCIS, SPATT and silicone rubbers, is the perfect solution to monitor contaminants in water for periods running from a few days to several weeks.


10 rue Richard Dufour, 76770 Le Houlme, Normandy, France
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