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April 09–12, 2024 | Messe München
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Your specialists for liquid chromatography.

Company profile

Following the slogan "Any Column, Any Size, Any Media" Dr. Maisch manufactures quality LC products for HPLC, UHPLC and prep LC applications.
Dr. Maisch holds several patents for Nano- and Prep-hardware. Dr. Maisch brands include ReproSil, Ultrasep, GromSil and ranges from Grace/Alltech - Vydac, Adsorbosphere, Alphabond, Allsphere, Econosphere, GreatSmart, Platinum and VisionHT.
With our patented DAC System, chromatography users can pack their own high-quality prep columns up to 300 mm ID.
Whether using ReproSil, EcoPrep, Vydac or any other media, the combined benefits of the MultiPacker ® packing station and Spring® columns deliver improved performance, productivity and safety and with a worldwide network of distributors, Dr. Maisch columns are available all over the globe. The company also provides high quality OEM HPLC solutions.