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June 21–24, 2022 | Messe München
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Bartels Mikrotechnik: Build your microfluidic system of the future with us!

Company profile

Bartels Mikrotechnik is a global manufacturer and development service provider in the field of microfluidics. We develop complete, application-oriented and modular liquid handling systems.

With us you build fast analysis systems. You can combine analytical sensors, such as ph, glucose, VOC and CO₂ sensors, with active microfluidic components like micropumps. These systems find their application in life sciences, especially in drug dosing or point-of-care testing. They are also suitable for process control in industry and quality assurance in food production.

Bartels systems are modular, fully digital and offer the great advantage of documentation of the test process. Build your microfluidic system of the future with us now!