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June 21–24, 2022 | Messe München
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We offer sample preparation devices, accessories & certified reference material.

Company profile

HRT supplies induction-heated fusion instruments for the preparation of glass beads for XRF, solutions for ICP/AA and sodium peroxide fusion. Further, we offer sample preparation equipment such as ball mixer mills, vibratory disc mills, jaw crushers, pellet presses plus accessories such as platinum ware, high purity fluxes, Zr, Ni crucibles and molds. We also supply certified reference materials for OES, XRF, ICP and combustion analysis. HRT offers instruments such as SATMAGAN 135 magnetometer for the determination of magnetite content in iron ores, copper and nickel smelting as well as DIPERMET instrument for the hydrogen diffusion test as per EN 10209. We also supply consumables and spare parts for C/S and O/N/H analyzers.