Weltleitmesse für Labortechnik, Analytik, Biotechnologie und analytica conference
09.–12. April 2024 | Messe München
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Simple chromatography solutions to your purification problems from Teledyne ISCO


Teledyne ISCO has led the way for over 30 years in the automation of sample purification in synthetic and natural product chemistry labs. Our safe, easy to use NextGen flash chromatography systems have removed what is a traditional bottleneck in chemistry labs with the use of multiple detection (UV/Vis, ELSD & Mass Spec) and automated fractionation, improving the purity of the product of interest in much less time.  These systems are now also complemented by the ACCQPrep®, a simple, automated, small footprint Prep HPLC system ideal for the final purification of the target compounds. Using a focused gradient generator, ACCQPrep can automatically optimize your methods. This year sees the launch of an automated Prep SFC system, the ACCQPrep SFC, for chiral and achiral purification.