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09.–12. April 2024 | Messe München
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The better way to do western blot with BlotCycler: sensitive and reproducible


The BlotCycler™ ensure the quality of your western blot, it automates Western blots processing. It performs all steps after protein transfer to membrane: shaking, blocking, hybridization and washing. BlotCycler can process up to twenty four different blots (four blots per tray) with six different primary and secondary antibodies. BlotCycler-mini can process up to 8 blots with two different antibodies. The BlotCycler™ can be programmed to perform up as many steps as user needs, and process Western blots unattended. Blots are ready to analyze when the user arrives at work the following morning.

The benefits include:
- Increase Productivity
- Higher signal and lower background
- Flexibility in protocol modification
- Better control of your time