Weltleitmesse für Labortechnik, Analytik, Biotechnologie und analytica conference
09.–12. April 2024 | Messe München
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Specialty HPLC columns and reagent kits for your difficult analyses.


Nacalai Tesque, Inc. has manufactured the COSMOSIL brand of HPLC and SFC columns for 44 years, contributing to the research success of many customers. Our novel columns enable customers to separate difficult compounds, such as diastereomers and structural isomers, and we have recently developed products for mRNA and DL-amino acid analysis.

The COSMOSIL RNA series can separate long RNA strands from 100 to 5,000 bases, detecting impurities not observable with electrophoresis, and can scale to preparative separation. We have both reversed-phase and size-exclusion modes available.

Our DL-Amino Acid Labeling Kit is designed to label amino acids without intensive labor and achieve chiral separation with achiral columns, such as C18. It is compatible with high-sensitivity MS analysis.