Weltleitmesse für Labortechnik, Analytik, Biotechnologie und analytica conference
09.–12. April 2024 | Messe München
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Fujimori Kogyo, also known as ZACROS, has been providing unique packaging solutions to various industries since 1914. In 1988, we became one of the first companies to receive FDA approval for plastic drug solution packaging materials. Moreover, our in vitro diagnostics system 'T-TAS 01' is an automated microchip flow chamber system developed for the quantitative assessment of the thrombus formation process under flow conditions which mimics arterial blood flow. It obtained CE marking in 2019 as well as FDA clearance in 2020, and expected to improve the quality of medical care in the hemostasis field.
Thus, we are committed to realizing a society with genuine happiness through our “Embracing spirit”, so that we can be proud of ourselves throughout the following generations.