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Fully Electric Micromanipulator System for Precise Micro-Sampling.


MicroSupport is the leading micromanipulator developer in Japan. The ease of use and the performance of our micromanipulators make it an ideal tool in a wide range of applications. Our AxisPro/QuickPro micromanipulators are available in different versions, from standalone manipulators to microscope systems. AxisPro is a prestigious micromanipulation system that combines a high-performance zoom microscope and manipulators for easy operation. All parameters can be done by PC mouse control. For example, you can manipulate a 5μm-size particle easily and quickly. It is possible to isolate the substance and drop it on an analytical disk with a confirmation on display. On top of that, the system can set up a disk for FTIR and other materials analysis.

Many options and accessories are available.