Weltleitmesse für Labortechnik, Analytik, Biotechnologie und analytica conference
21.–24. Juni 2022 | Messe München
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3D Bioprinters for Tissue Engineering, Drug Discovery and Tablet Formulation


Bioprinting. It's what we do.

REGENHU started in 2007 with a goal to create and develop bioprinting technologies that will positively impact many medical fields such as Drug Discovery, Regenerative Medicine, Therapeutics and In Vitro Models, as well as Personalized Medicine.

We provide one ecosystem to design & plan your bioprinting process from the idea to execution. We developed a personalized solution for the bioprinting community. It converges standard and advanced technologies in a single 3D Bioprinter (Extrusion-based, Drop-on-Demand, Materials Mixing/Switching/Gradient dispensing and Electrowriting and Spinning). Our platform allows user specific configuration and ensures high performance (repeatability and precision) with full process interaction.