Weltleitmesse für Labortechnik, Analytik, Biotechnologie und analytica conference
21.–24. Juni 2022 | Messe München
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PN Detector GmbH

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XRF Detectors with superior performance - From Wafer to Chip…to Module…to System


For more than a decade PNDetector’s SDDs are at the forefront of radiation detector technology, as they combine both excellent energy resolution and short processing times. Our key technology is an ultra-pure processing of sensor chips enabling us to develop and manufacture innovative advanced silicon radiation detectors for X-ray fluorescence or microanalysis, materials science and quality assurance. We accurately handle the production process in-house and offer both serial production, as well as solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. Besides single chip configurations, we build monolithic multi-element and large area SDDs, including unique geometries with maximum solid angle. The SDDs are used in a wide variety of instruments, such as the SEM, TEM, XRF and TXRF.


PN Detector GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, 81739 München, Deutschland